Book A Rental Session

When you come to the Pay As You Sew Centre you have the choice to use the equipment and machinery, or space, that suits your needs. Pricing and rental is categorized as follows:

  • Space only
  • Sewing and Crafting which includes mechanical and computerized sewing machines, serger, coverstitch and craft cutting machines
  • Embroidery machines
  • Table Top Long Arm Quilting Machine (George)
  • Long Arm Quilting Machine on a Frame with a Computerized system (Millie)

The Acuity Scheduling Software allows you to book online, and pay for your services in an easy process.

Step 1: Pick a package

You can purchase individual hours to be used as you need them, or bulk packages.

When purchasing bulk packages, the more hours you purchase the greater the savings! With some packages, you receive additional hours on other rentals as well. These bulk packages are applied to your individual hours when you book a session.

If you haven’t purchased a bulk package and book a session you will be charged the individual hourly rate.

For Space Usage and Sewing and Crafting rentals we also provide DAY RATES. This allows you to have as much time as you need to complete your projects. BULK DAY RATE packages are also available

Step 2: Book Your Session

When you are ready you are able to book your session online yourself, or you can call us and we will help you book it.

NOTE: Millie (Long Arm Quilting) will not be able to book their own session until they have completed a 3 hour introductory class on the machine

If you have purchased a bulk package, you will then go to the FULL PRICE LIST page and select the hours you want to use for your session (for example: even though you may have purchased 20 hours if you only want to book 3 hours you will select the 3 hours rate). Once you select the hours, depending on the package you select, you will have your choice of machine to rent. If you have no preference, the scheduling software can pick the machine that is available for the date / time you select.

NOTE: pick the PRIMARY machine you want to use for most of the time. During your time you will have access to other machines (Ie: you can book a sewing machine and while at the centre during your time you can use a serger and/or cutting machine if available). You just need to check with staff to see if anyone has booked the machine you want to use before using it.

Step 3: Pick an appointment

The calendar will show you what days are available for your rental, and you can then view the schedule to select your preferred time. Our daily general rental and drop in hours are Monday to Friday 10am – 8pm and Saturday / Sunday 10am-5pm

Once you complete these steps you will be taken to the YOUR INFO page and you complete this. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS WITH THE INFORMATION YOU USED TO PURCHASE YOUR BULK PACKAGE. This will then “remind” you of the code you use to “pay” for your appointment.

NOTE: BE SURE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT (upper right login information). This will make it easier for future bookings and keeping track of the hours you have purchased.

If you would like to book an appointment outside of these hours, we can accommodate your request if we have MORE than 48 hours notice and staff are available to accommodate this request. You can call us or email us with your request.