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Are you ready to quilt!

I am always eager to share my new passion for Long Arm Quilting with others. The experience should be fun and creative. There is a lot to know and learn, and with every quilt you gain experience, confidence and knowledge.

Finishing your quilt is the final piece in production. You are able to see how all your work comes together to make the final product. This can be very satisfying. By learning to use the Long Arm Machine you are able to add that extra bit of creativity to your project.

You pick the design to use, you pick the thread colour, you pick the density level. All of these elements together make an amazing final product.

Many customers are nervous each time they come they are afraid they are going to “BREAK THE MACHINE”… the only person to break the machine is ME, and I can fix most problems. I wouldn’t rent out the machine if I was worried!